What are wedding information cards and what details should I include?

Wedding information cards are exactly what their name suggests — cards with important details on them about your special day.

If you’re wondering what goes on wedding information cards and how to source them, take a look at our article.

We’ll take you through everything you need to know about these handy cards and how they will help make your day extra special.

What are wedding information cards and what details should I include?
What are wedding information cards and what details should I include?

How are wedding information cards different from the invitation?

Your first question may be, "Why do I need wedding information cards when I’m sending invitations — what’s the difference?"

Your wedding invitation cards will contain the basic information about your ceremony and reception.

The difference is that wedding information cards will include a lot of extra details that will help your guests plan ahead for your day. 

While they are quite a new addition to wedding stationery, wedding information cards are becoming increasingly popular as they give you the space to include all those essential details that won’t fit on your invitations.

What information to put on wedding cards

So, what kind of things do you include on wedding information cards?

It’s likely you’ll only have space for the name and abbreviated address of your wedding ceremony and reception venues on the wedding invitation. Your wedding information card will provide all the extra details about the venues that will help guests find them easily, such as:

  • Full address
  • Sat nav reference
  • Detailed directions
  • Website
  • Information about parking at the venues
  • Information about public transport to the venues or whether you’re providing transport yourselves

Some of your guests may wish to make a mini break out of the joyous occasion of your wedding. Make it easy for them to find accommodation by including:

  • Information about accommodation at the wedding venue, if it’s available
  • Any special rates or discount codes to use when booking accommodation
  • Alternative places they can stay (remember that your guests will have varying budgets so try to cater for a wide range)

For any occasion, timing is important. You may wish to provide details about when your guests should arrive for your wedding, for instance, “Please arrive from 12 p.m. to be seated for the ceremony, which will begin at 12:30 p.m. prompt.”

You can also include a time when you expect the day to draw to a close. This will help guests pre-book their transport home or organise babysitters if necessary.

The menu is an all-important part of your wedding. You can include menu choices on your wedding information card. You can also remind guests to let you know of any special dietary requirements.

If you’ve chosen to have a child-free wedding, indicate that on your wedding information card. It will give parents plenty of time to arrange care for their little ones while they celebrate with you.

Finally, if you have a gift list or other requests for wedding gifts, include the details here.

Making your day special for everyone

Remember, you don’t have to include everything on your wedding information cards — just the details that are relevant to your event.

It’s all about giving your guests enough information to prepare for your special day without overwhelming them. They will certainly appreciate the thought that has gone into your wedding information cards, which will help make your day as special to them as it is to you!

If you’d like a helping hand creating your bespoke wedding information cards — or any other aspects of your wedding stationery — get in touch.

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