Wedding stationery trends for 2021

Planning a wedding for 2021? A great place to start is by organising your wedding stationery printing. The design you choose will express your identity as a couple, while your save the date cardsinvitation cards and RSVP cards will set the scene for your wedding, giving your guests a glimpse of what’s to come.

And the little finishing touches on and after the day like place cards and thank you cards will elevate your wedding to an unforgettable event.

To help you get ahead in the planning stakes, we’ve identified some of the key wedding stationery trends for 2021. There’s a trend to suit every taste, whether you believe less is more or are a fan of big, bold florals! Read on to find a wedding stationery style to match your vibe.


For an elegant, understated look, go for minimalism in your wedding stationery printing. This style is characterised by simple typography, plenty of white space and monochrome tones. It suggests a sophisticated couple with simple, classic taste.

Our Amber Wedding Invite nails this look with its beautiful use of grey tones and clean typeface. Why not go all out with the Amber wedding stationery package and impress your guests with your cool and sophisticated style?

Bold florals

At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a nature lover who is also a fan of bright designs, you’ll love the bold florals look – a trend that’s set to stay for 2021. This trend will reflect your love of the natural world and bring an uplifting touch to your event.

Our Anna Wedding Invite embodies everything there is to celebrate about nature, capturing the joy of your wedding with rich shades of pink and purple, luscious blooms and elegant leaves. Or for a contemporary look, check out our Sarah Wedding Invite making striking use of floral photography and featuring a plain central panel for all your details.

Metallic accents

Metallic accents add a touch of glitz and glamour to your wedding stationery printing. Perfect for the fun-loving couple, a splash of silver or sprinkle of gold adds that all-important finishing touch. Make a statement with this Bianca Wedding RSVP Card. The moody greys and black paired with gold metallic detail is an eye-catching combination.

Or why not smash two key looks with the Amelia Wedding Invite? Capturing the Art Deco vibe with stylish font and luxurious gold borders, it nails the minimalist look so beloved of 1930s style.

Wedding stationery packages

Wedding stationery packages are fast becoming a must-do trend in wedding planning. Bringing together all the stationery items you need in a unifying, stylish design takes the stress out of organising individual pieces.

For followers of the minimalist trend, the Kelly Wedding Pack is just for you. Using typography as the central style feature, this clean design celebrates a couple’s commitment and love. The pack features invitation cards, RSVP cards, thank you cards, bon bon cards and wishing well cards.

Capturing the bold floral trend, the Charlie Wedding Pack is perfect for a spring or summer wedding with its appealing golden-yellow floral design. You’ll find both invitation cards and thank you cards included in this beautiful pack.

The Olivia Wedding Pack is ideal for fans of metallic. A subtle sprinkling of gold glitter on the happy couple’s initials elevates this botanical-inspired design. This pack features wedding invitation cards, thank you cards, RSVP cards, wishing well cards and place cards.

Harness the beauty of wedding stationery trends for 2021

Harness the beauty of these key wedding stationery trends as you plan your big day for 2021. Capturing the spirit of the day, these exciting designs will bring together your chosen theme for your special event and symbolise the excitement of a lifetime of togetherness.

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