Wedding invitation wording for uncertain times

Planning a wedding during a pandemic presents unique challenges, especially when rules and regulations may change with short notice.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on wedding invitation wording during Covid. It’s here to help you find the right language for a range of scenarios to make your wedding invitations just perfect!

When you’re not sure which wedding date to choose

While the world around you is in flux, you may not be sure which date will be the most suitable for your wedding. In this case, you can easily adapt a traditional “save the date” card to reflect the idea of “save the dates”!

Here’s some inspiration for your wording:

Save the DATES!

Instead of asking you to save the date, we’re requesting that you save the DATES! Because the health situation and regulations for gatherings are still uncertain at this moment, we’ve selected a few possible dates for our wedding day.

Please save these dates:

[Details of dates]

We’ll confirm the date of our special day as soon as possible!

When you need to reduce your guest list

With restrictions changing all the time, you may find yourself having to reduce the number of people you invite to your wedding. Unfortunately, this may mean that you have to uninvited guests. This delicate situation calls for some diplomatic wedding invitation wording, which you can add to blank cards.

Try this wording to get your message across sensitively:

Guestlist changes

Due to changes in health and safety rules, we regret that we will have to cut back on our guest list. This means that, unfortunately, we can no longer ask you to join us on our happy day.

We are as sad about this as we know you will be. But, we also know that you will support us from afar on the day.

We are eagerly looking forward to reuniting with all our cherished family and friends in person as soon as this is possible.

When you need to change the date or venue

You may also need to change the date or venue of your wedding in light of changes to health and safety rules or because you have a greater or smaller number of guests to invite than initially planned.

For wedding invitations to change the date or venue, check out the wording below:

Change of date [and/or venue]

We’ve chosen a new date [and/or venue] of our wedding to accommodate changes in health and safety rules.

But don’t worry! You’ll still have just as much fun on our special day! And we are so looking forward to welcoming you.

Here are the updated details:

[Add details of the new date and/or venue]

When you’re adding a live streaming option

Adding a live streaming option is a great solution to include more guests than you can accommodate in person. It’s also good news for guests overseas who otherwise would have missed out due to travel restrictions.

Here’s how to make joining your wedding virtually sound appealing and inclusive:

Join our wedding virtually!

We’re sorry that we can’t invite all our loved ones to our wedding day because of the ongoing health situation. But we still want you to take part, no matter how near or far you are from us!

Join our wedding by live stream and watch us say “I do” to a live and virtual audience.

[Add details on how to connect]

Wedding stationery Australia for changing times

Even in these changing times, you can still take pleasure in planning everything to do with your wedding, including the stationery. All it takes is a little imagination and some suitable wording – and you’ve nailed it!

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