Ways to say thank you after a funeral

The support you receive when you’re going through a bereavement can really help you get through a challenging time.

If you’re wondering how to say thank you after a bereavement, take a look at our latest post.

We offer simple ideas for saying thank you to people for attending your loved one’s funeral and acknowledging the support you’ve received in coming to terms with your grief.

Put a notice in your local paper

Publishing a notice in your local paper is a great idea for thanking mourners for attending a funeral. It means you reach everyone who came, even when you didn’t manage to speak to them on the day.

Bereavement thanks wording for a newspaper could be something like this:

“In memory of [name of deceased].

As [name of deceased]’s family, we would like to thank everyone who attended his/her funeral on [date].

[Name of deceased] was a special person and would have been touched to know that you care.

It means a lot to us that so many people took the time to attend and share his/her special memories.

Your support has been a great source of comfort to us at this difficult time.”

senior widow reminiscing her husband

Organise an event

Sometimes it makes sense to organise another event sometime after the funeral has passed. 

For example, if your loved one has been cremated, you may want to organise an event to scatter their ashes later on.

Or you may want to hold a low-key ceremony to reveal a plaque in memory of your loved one or to plant a tree to honour them.

This is an ideal opportunity to gather your nearest and dearest and to thank them for their support immediately after the bereavement and on an ongoing basis.

It will also provide a focus and something to look forward to when you are mourning your loved one.

Mark a significant date

When you’ve suffered a bereavement, significant dates such as birthdays and anniversaries can be hard, particularly if they fall soon after a funeral.

So to give you some focus, why not use the date as an opportunity to reflect on the positives and thank your loved ones for their support?

You can send them a simple message, such as:

“Today would have been my dear dad’s birthday. Rather than feel sad, I’m taking this opportunity to focus on the joy he brought to so many and to thank you for your continued support in my bereavement. It really means a lot to know that you are always there for me.”

Send funeral thank-you cards

Funeral thank-you cards are a simple way to acknowledge attendance at a funeral and the support you have received following your bereavement.

They’re available in lots of different designs, from the simple and elegant to cards with a photo and the birth and death dates of your loved one. 

And there’s space for you to write your own handwritten message, which will be cherished and appreciated by the recipient.

For funeral thank-you cards and more

However you choose to express it, saying thank you after a funeral or period of bereavement can help you refocus and come to terms with your loss.

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