A Special Mum

A Mother is the greatest gift – a gift meaning love,
Her love is unconditional and it fits just like a glove.

From day one it’s always mum who’s there by your side,
Picking up the pieces and wiping the tears you’ve cried.

Who was there when you rode your first bike,
And listened when you told her about the boy you liked?

She encourages you all the time to do your very best,
Even when you don’t succeed – she picks you above the rest.

Then comes that awful day when you tell her to stay out of your life,
But notice how she’s the one to bail you out of strife.

Then you find true love and your mother must learn to share,
This can be difficult and it may seem quite unfair.

As you get older you realise that your relationship can be fun,
So you make amends and say you’re sorry for all that you’ve done.

She now becomes your best friend and you tell her how much you care,
And thank her over and over for always being there.

Most of these experiences for me are yet to come,
All I wish for is to be half as good – as my special mum.

Tracy Kollmann

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