Unique Wedding Invitation Wording

Looking to create invitation cards for your upcoming wedding? 

Wedding invitations are one of the first aspects of your wedding planning that invitees will see. Therefore, they set the mood for your big day.

Designing unique online wedding invitations allows you to express your personal style while giving guests a glimpse of what to expect on your wedding day.

Although many couples struggle with wording their wedding invitations, the process is much simpler than they think. 

Read on to learn what to include in your wording for wedding invitations. 

The Host Line

The first part of your wedding invitation should indicate who’s hosting the wedding ceremony. 

Typically, the bride’s parents appear at the top of the wedding invitations as hosts because they cover the wedding expenses. However, the custom is changing fast.

As more and more couples choose to pay for their own weddings, it’s increasingly becoming acceptable to include the names of both sets of parents as hosts.

Consider the following host line example if your wedding is a collaborative affair hosted by both sets of parents: 

“We, the family of Mr. & Mrs. [Bride’s Last Name] 

Together With

The family of Mr. & Mrs. [Groom’s Last Name]

If you’re hosting your own wedding as a couple, consider using wording that makes your wedding invitations sound gracious. For instance:

“We, [Bride’s Name] & [Groom’s Name]

With the Support and Blessing of Our Parents”

Don’t be discouraged to include the names of both sets of parents if you come from a non-traditional Aussie family. If one or both sets of parents are single, divorced, separated, or deceased, you may tweak the above host line to match your unique family situation

The Request to Attend

After including the names of the wedding hosts in your online wedding invitations Australia, request guests to come to your wedding. 

Whether you're having a formal or casual wedding, the wording of your wedding invitations should express your desire to have guests take part in your celebration of love.

For a formal wedding, consider invitation wording such as the following:

  • “Request the honour of your presence at the marriage of…”
  • “Invite you to witness the union between…”
  • “Cordially invite you to celebrate the wedding of…”
  • “Request the pleasure of your company…”

On the casual side, consider the following invitation wording:

  • “With joyful hearts, invite you to the wedding of…”
  • “Would appreciate your presence at the marriage of…”
  • “Ask you to join us as we celebrate the union between…”
  • “Kindly invite you to witness…say "I do"

Using the right wording when inviting guests to your wedding ceremony will help set the tone you want for the event.

The Couples’ Names

This part of the invitation wedding design includes the names of the couple that's getting married. Yes, it’s now time for you and your significant other to take centre stage.

The bride's name typically comes first, with only her first and middle names mentioned if her parents are hosting the wedding. The groom’s full name and title follow.

The traditional rule of the bride’s name preceding the groom’s name doesn’t apply to same-sex couples. They may choose to write their names in whichever order they like, whether it’s “Sam & Zack” or “Zack & Sam”.

The Ceremony Details

This section of the wedding invitation indicates the date, time, and location of the wedding ceremony. 

For formal wedding ceremonies, everything is spelled out in words. For example:

“Saturday, the fifth of August, two thousand twenty-three

At half past noon

At the St Andrews Conservatory in Fitzroy, VIC, 3065 Australia”

Numerals may be used for informal weddings, as indicated below:

“Saturday, August 5, 2023

At 12.30 in the afternoon (or 12.30 p.m.)

At the St Andrews Conservatory in Fitzroy, VIC, 3065 Australia”

The wording of the wedding invitations online in Australia will depend on the type of ceremony you’re having. 

The Reception Information

What happens post-ceremony? You guessed right: it’s the reception. If you’re hosting your reception at the same venue as your wedding, be sure to include that at the bottom of your invitation.

Some effective wedding invitation wording to consider include the following:

  • “Reception to follow.” 
  • “Dinner and dancing to follow.”
  • “Proceed to the reception after the ceremony.”
  • “An evening of merriment to follow”

If you are holding your wedding reception at a separate venue, include that information in your invitation. For example:

  • “Reception to follow at…” 
  • “Dinner and dancing to follow at…”
  • “An evening of merriment follows at…”

Specify the time of the wedding reception if it does not immediately follow the wedding ceremony.

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