Unique Wedding Invitation Designs

Looking to find design inspiration for your wedding invitations? Nothing makes guests want to come to your wedding more than unique invitation cards.

Luckily, anyone looking to explore their creative side can find endless inspiration online.

Here are some unique invitations wedding design tips to get you pumped up for your big day. 

Lure Guests to Your Event With Beautiful Pictures 

A great wedding experience starts before your guests decide to attend. 

If you’d like to host your nuptials someplace fun, memorable, and out of town, a destination wedding may be ideal as COVID-19 fears subside.

Since destination weddings mean guests need to travel outside of the bride and groom’s locale, you want to give them a sneak peek into your big day.

Including lovely pictures of your wedding venue in your invitations can help get guests amped up about coming to your nuptials. 

Apart from serving as the background of the invitations, they can add a decorative element to their design.

Insert a Custom Wedding Map to Avoid Guests Getting Lost

Small details go a long way in ensuring a memorable wedding guest experience. 

Custom wedding maps are a great way to ensure that guests find their way to your wedding venue with minimal fuss. They’re particularly useful if you’re inviting out-of-towners to your nuptials.

Insert maps on the back of the invitations to avoid obscuring the wording for wedding invitations. Consider adding personalised decorative effects to make the maps look celebratory.

Choose Creative Colour Palettes for Your Wedding Invitations

The colours you pick for your wedding invitations not only reflect your personality but also influence the wedding’s overall colour theme. For this reason, you should choose them well. 

Don’t shy away from unconventional colour palettes.

For example, a blend of soft peach and pear can set the perfect mood for an outdoor garden wedding in summer. If you want a colour combination that can work well for any season or wedding style, a blend of teal and lavender can work perfectly.

Go Beyond the Classic Rectangle

Rectangles are the go-to shape for wedding invitations design, but invitations can take other shapes.

A clever way to make your wedding invitations stand out among the crowd is to choose a unique shape. That means ditching the standard rectangle for custom shapes. 

Whether you desire a triangle, diamond, or octagon shape, it can be handmade or machine-cut to your exacting specifications.

Unleash Your Playful Side With Fun Wedding Fonts

Some wedding invitation fonts are more popular than others. But there are no best fonts for all wedding invitations.

Break the norm with lovely handwritten wedding fonts that evoke fun vibes without detracting from the seriousness of your event.

Best fonts for online wedding invitations Australia are legible, readable, and enthralling to guests. 

Embrace the Past With Retro Style

Retro wedding invitations are a brilliant way to journey back in time to revive some old-world charm and appeal. And you have thousands of customisable, professionally crafted design templates to choose from online. 

From 1920s art deco look to vintage flair and retro chic, you can find gorgeous retro styles by browsing wedding invitations online Australia.

If you don’t want to go full-throttle retro style, tailor a style that matches your wedding theme.

Create a Customised Invitations Wedding Design Today

Your invitations wedding design is an essential aspect of your wedding planning. Giving it a personalised touch is a splendid way to set the tone for your big day and get friends and family to attend. 

Reach out to us today to create wedding invitations that will wow your guests and make your big day unforgettable.

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