The key design factors you need to think about for your wedding invitations

For many of your guests, the wedding invitation will be the first hint of things to come at your ceremony and reception. How you choose to style the invitations you send out will be a huge indicator of what sort of theme and aesthetic your attendees can expect when they arrive on the big day. That's why it's essential to remember all of the key design factors you'll need to think about when it comes to the creation of your Save The Date wedding cards.

The Wedding Theme

Not every wedding has a theme, but many modern weddings do. And there's ample choice, too - are you and your partner opting for a charming rustic ceremony and venue, or are you keeping it effortlessly chic with a minimal day? Are you going all-out with a vibrant celebration of everything retro, or keeping it classy with vintage-inspired decor and dress? No matter the theme, you should remember that it extends to your wedding invitations. If your invitations contradict the theme of the wedding, it could throw your guests off as they arrive on the day - and not in a good way.

The Font

There are a few things to remember when it comes to font. Firstly, again, it should complement the theme of your wedding. There's no point opting for Comic Sans if you want it to be sophisticated, for instance! Also, remember that your invitation font needs to be legible for all guests, including older attendees that may struggle to read. In that case, ensure the font is a decent size and colour, and that all information is organised neatly and easily readable.

The Colour palette

Nobody wants to look at a Save The Date and have their eyes hurt. This is why it's crucial to style your wedding invitations with a colour palette that is kind on the eyes. Some general graphic design tips that can be transferred to wedding invitations include limiting the number of bold colours (they shouldn't be clashing with each other), choosing colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel, and remembering to factor in the colour of the font as you design. You can't opt for a black background if the font is also black!

The Images

Not all invitations have images, but some do. This may be a sweet picture of the couple, or some clipart to frame the edge. If you want to include an image on your invitation, make sure of a few things. First of all, the image must be of high quality - if not, it will be pixellated and look extremely unprofessional once printed. Secondly, it's unwise to have an image as your background. This is because the writing will then be hard to read, meaning all the important information will be lost. Lastly, consider how the image works in harmony with the rest of the invitation. If it's a selfie of the two of you at a carnival but your wedding theme is going to be rustic, consider simply adding a colour filter over the top to help it suit the theme. Sepia or black and white are usually two good choices, but don't be afraid to play around with this.

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