Planning Your Barn Wedding

Barn weddings are becoming increasingly popular for their versatility. They are highly customisable, allowing couples to make their special day as sophisticated and formal or casual and intimate as they want. Another reason that you might want a barn wedding is that it is often more budget-friendly than traditional weddings. But even the most casual wedding requires a lot of planning, from the design of the wedding invitations to what you put on the menu. 

Find and Book a Venue

Start looking early since these facilities are popular and often stay booked up. Keep in mind that all barn venues aren’t equal. Some may offer different buildings to use as dressing rooms or for the reception, while others have an option for outdoor weddings. If you opt for an outdoor spring wedding, you want to have a backup plan in case of rain. It’s also important to know how many guests the venue will accommodate. 

To help you make the right choice, go online and look at barn wedding ideas. Visualising the different wedding styles will help you make decisions about your own special day. You will have a clearer idea about which amenities you need in a venue. 

Consider the Season

You can have barn weddings during any season, but those that take place in the spring and fall are the most comfortable for guests. Consider setting a date when it won’t be too hot or too cold if the venue doesn’t come with heat and AC. This is especially true for outdoor weddings.

Select the Wedding Attire

There are virtually no rules about how to dress for the bride, groom, or wedding party. The bride can wear a formal gown, while the rest of the wedding party dresses in casual or semi-formal clothes. When couples choose a western theme, the attire might include cowboy boots and hats. Some brides have chosen to wear boots with a shorter-length gown. 

You must also determine the dress code for your guests. Instead of simply requesting formal, semi-formal, or casual wear for the occasion, provide details such as the need for outerwear. For example, if you have limited heat and you’re getting married during the winter, encourage your guests to dress warmly rather than worrying about dress style. You might also request a certain style or colour of dress to blend with your wedding theme. 

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barn wedding 206300649

Plan the Menu

Some barn venues are full-service, meaning they have the staff to take care of everything from the ceremony to the menu for the reception. Others are rentals that leave all of the details up to you. Make sure you know what you are getting when you choose a venue. One that takes care of the food choices will at least give you an idea of the cost up-front. Plus, you don't have to take the time to find and choose a caterer. Depending on the location and whether your wedding is during peak weather, you could have difficulty getting the caterer of your choice or have limited options for the menu. If you offer a choice of entrees, include this in your RSVP cards so you can plan ahead. 

Decide On a Theme

A barn wedding isn’t a theme on its own. The versatility of the setting and the neutrality of barn wood gives you endless options for your wedding theme. You might opt for rustic decorations with lots of greenery, Hessian cloth, and wildflowers. Maybe you’re going for a magical theme with lots of white fabric and decorative white lights. There are many barn wedding ideas to make any casual or formal wedding more sophisticated.

Create Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding stationery provides your guests with a lot of valuable information about your wedding day. It tells them when and where the ceremony will take place. It also hints at the wedding theme. That’s why your RSVP cards, save-the-date cards, and wedding invitations should share the same pattern. You want to let your guests know what type of event to prepare for. 

For example, our Ashlee wedding invitations are ideal for a more elegant wedding. A floral print like our Hannah wedding stationery is perfect for a more casual look. Our fully customisable wedding stationery allows you to elaborate on details that are important to your guests. 

If you are considering a barn wedding to make the most of your budget, Baileys Print has you covered. If you're looking for a wedding theme that is highly customisable for a personal touch, we’ve got that too. Contact us for answers to your questions about creating wedding stationery that will complement your barn wedding.

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