Keepsakes to remember your loved one by

When a loved one passes away, it can be reassuring to have keepsakes to remember them by. They can take many forms, and keepsakes’ meaning relating to your special person will bring you comfort when you need it most.

Traditionally, a keepsake would be a small item such as a locket or ring. Nowadays, there is no end to imaginative ways in which you can honour the memory of someone dear to you. We’ll take a look at some of these in this inspiring article.

Keepsake jewellery

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Jewellery is one of the most popular keepsakes and there are lots of different ways to find an item to suit your taste and budget.

If you have a lock of hair that you keep close, you can place it inside a locket to be worn on a chain around your neck. Or alternatively, place a photo of your loved one inside.

Maybe you have been bequeathed an item of jewellery that your loved one used to wear. Wearing it yourself is a simple way to feel close to them. And if a ring is too big or too small you can either get it resized or wear it on a chain.

A popular way of honouring the deceased is to wear a ring with their birthstone. A vibrant gemstone will not only remind you of your loved one but lift your spirits when you need a boost.

You could also have any item of jewellery engraved with the initials or full name of your special person.

Memory blankets and cushions

This is a wonderfully practical way to convert your loved one’s old clothes into something you can use every day.

The fabric can be cut and refashioned to create a blanket or cushion to snuggle up to or you can even have a soft toy made from old clothes. This is a particularly welcome memento for children who have sadly lost a parent or grandparent and instils a feeling of closeness and comfort.

A keepsake tree

Your keepsake can be a living thing that gives you joy as it grows. If you have space in your garden, why not plant a keepsake tree in memory of your loved one? As it grows from sapling to a fully grown tree, you can take delight in watching its journey and the life-affirming message it offers.

Beautifully designed funeral stationery

Funeral stationery can serve more than one purpose. Of course, it’s an essential and practical part of the funeral arrangements but can also be kept and cherished as a celebration of the deceased’s life.

For example, memorial cards can be printed with your loved one’s photo and dates, as well as some details about their life. This makes them ideal keepsakes to treasure forever.

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Baileys Print Co Commemoration A6 Postcard

You may also like to keep the order of service cards and order of service booklets printed for the funeral. It can be comforting to look back on the celebration of your dear one’s life and remember how their family and friends came to honour them.

If you are having a formal reception, you might have banners or photos printed as decoration. There is no reason why you can’t keep these as a reminder of your special person.

Memory keepsakes box

If you have a number of different items that remind you of your loved one, you can store them in a special memory keepsakes box. This is a lovely way to ensure your keepsakes are safe and preserve all those precious memories of your departed friend or relative.

Funeral stationery Australia

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