How to make your event a success with our business printing ideas

There’s nothing like an in-person event to meet new clients and clinch extra business.

Any event, whether it’s a conference, live demo, launch party or a more low-key affair, will be the chance to showcase your business and what it can do.

An essential way of getting your message across is through printed materials such as banners, sales flyers and posters, business cards and promotional postcards.

Let’s look at how business printing solutions can take your event to another level, leaving a memorable mark on everyone who attends.

Spread the word

Enlist the help of business printing services to create posters and flyers to publicise your event. Your local printing company will offer a template for these, to which you can add your information about your business and branding – for example, colour schemes and logos. Include information about your upcoming events, such as date, venue and time, and a brief summary of the programme.

business printing flyers preview

To make your poster or flyer effective, don’t overwhelm the reader with too much information – the aim is to entice them to your event and find out more, after all! A simple layout with enough white space will grab attention more than a busy design. And consider what kind of paper to have them printed on – people will be more likely to take note of and keep an attractive and well-designed flyer on thicker paper.

Leave your mark with business cards

Make sure you have a good supply of business cards to take with you to your event. Even in this digital day and age, a business card is an essential piece of kit to ensure you are remembered. It is also a great way to publicise your business. There is a wealth of designs you can choose for your business cards, from the classic through to the more contemporary – so you will be sure to find one that matches your business’s image.

One step up from the business card is the promotional postcard. With the extra space it offers, you can have fun creating an exciting design. Postcards are perfect for publicising your event before it takes place or for handing out on the day to remind clients of who you are and what your brand is about.

Say it loud and clear

Pull up banners are a striking way to get your message across. They are perfect for use at business events, creating maximum impact for minimum effort. What’s more, they are lightweight, easy to transport and can be used in indoor or outdoor settings. They’re also simple to assemble and takedown, and to pack neatly away in carry bags. Placing several pull up banners designed with your company’s branding and messaging is a simple and effective way to create the decor for your business event.

mockups design

They’re also a fantastic way to get attendees engaged in social media to help publicise your company. If your banner includes a custom hashtag and an eye-catching design, it will provide the perfect backdrop for those all-essential selfies!

The sky’s the limit!

Business printing of cards, posters, flyers and banners is just the start. As your local printing company, Baileys Print Co. can provide all these business printing solutions and more to help make your event successful and memorable.

As well as providing business stationery for your event, you can also count on us to design and print your everyday materials, from magazines, brochures and booklets through to financial and annual reports, with lots of different options for designs and finishes.

Want to know more about our business printing solutions? Contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.

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