How to Design a Tasteful Funeral Brochure

Whether it’s your first time planning funeral services or you’ve done it before, you may not know how to put a funeral brochure together. We’ll touch on why you want this brochure, what it is, and the critical funeral brochure design elements to consider. We aim to ensure you have everything you need to get a memorable and tasteful brochure for your loved one, friend, or whoever you want to design one for.

Defining a Funeral Brochure

funeral brochure is sometimes called an order of service, and it’s a pamphlet or brochure you hand out to attendees. This document will outline the service process and what will happen, and it may include a small overview of the milestones and achievements of the deceased.

Why a Funeral Brochure Is Important to Have

There are several reasons you’d have one of these brochures available for a funeral. The biggest reasons include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cathartic. Putting a funeral program together can be very cathartic from an emotional standpoint. It’s a beautiful way to honour the deceased as you process your emotions and celebrate their life. It can also work to ground and comfort funeral attendees.
  • Offers organisation. The brochure will greatly help outline the funeral’s key points. It will list the order of service so guests know what to expect. It’ll also have important information regarding who will share the eulogy, who will sing, and who the pallbearers are.
  • Shares the legacy. This program summarises the deceased’s life and lists crucial milestones. Just like cremation jewellery, a physical program is a symbolic piece of the deceased’s life that your guests can take home.

Essential Funeral Brochure Design Elements

While designing the brochure may seem daunting, it comes down to how you think the deceased would like the living to remember them. The first step is to set a budget and decide on the quantity. This will depend on how many guests you want and how many additional copies you want to have after the funeral.


It can be challenging to pick just a few pictures to symbolise someone’s life. We recommend you choose a handful from different life stages and some that showcase their proudest moments. You should consider including children’s births, graduations, weddings, or milestone events.

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Personal Information

For personal information, start with the deceased’s full legal name, where they were born, and the time of birth if you can find it. Whether they stayed in their hometown their whole life or travelled, mentioning where they lived can help paint a picture of their life. Try to include significant milestones like who they married, when they had their children and their current ages, surviving family members, and any pets. It can also be appropriate to mention their hobbies or favourite things.

Service Information

One of the biggest reasons you’ll create a funeral brochure is to include the service’s logistical details. Include the place, time, and date of the service, and you can do the same for the burial. Also, acknowledge who the pallbearers are, who’ll deliver the eulogy, and who will officiate the funeral.

How to Structure the Funeral Brochure

No matter if you decide to design the brochure yourself or have a company print it, the standard order is:

  • Cover photo with background graphics
  • Obituary
  • Funeral order of service
  • Music
  • Prayers
  • Readings
  • Eulogy
  • Final viewing
  • Benediction
  • Recessional
  • Committal or interment location
  • Scriptures or poems
  • Memorial photo collage

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We understand how important it is to preserve your loved one’s legacy, which is why we offer a range of beautiful funeral brochure designs in different colours and options. Contact us to discuss how you’d like us to print your funeral cards and brochures, and we’ll help create a memorable program for your loved one.

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