How to create your own company magazine

A company magazine offers so many benefits, from showcasing your products or services to connecting and communicating with your customers.

Read our tips on setting up your own company magazine so that you have a publication that not only promotes your business but is something to be proud of!

Why do I need a company magazine?

A company magazine can be one of a range of marketing materials to promote your goods or services.

Unlike snappy social media posts or targeted mailings, a magazine offers the opportunity to share more in-depth information on your sector.

An article for a company magazine will feel less promotional and more informative, while your publication will provide a platform to engage potential customers and build connections with them too.

It’s also a chance to tell the story of your company and the people behind it.

And a well-produced magazine that looks attractive and offers interesting content is more likely to provide a lasting message — if it looks good on your customers’ coffee tables, then your presence will stick around for a while!

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How do I start my company magazine?

The first step to starting up your company magazine is to get an editorial team together.

Appoint the most suitable person as the editor or project manager, and gather together key colleagues who have skills in:

  • Generating ideas for your business magazine articles
  • Photography/visual design to either choose images or create them themselves
  • Graphic design to create the magazine format
  • Administration to enable distribution of the magazine
  • Marketing to communicate the launch of your magazine

Of course, you can outsource any of these skills if you don’t have them in-house. For example, your chosen print company may include magazine design as part of their service, so you don’t necessarily need to have a graphic designer on your team.

What tasks will the editorial team need to do?

Once you’ve selected your team, you’ll need to set out your tasks going forward. These will include:

  • Deciding on a name that reflects your company’s ethos
  • Deciding on the frequency of publication (monthly/bimonthly/quarterly)
  • Planning out a year’s worth of content
  • Recruiting all the specialists you need to create your magazine, from writers and editors to photographers. You may be able to draw from your own pool of staff or use freelancers as necessary
  • Creating a distribution plan
  • Creating a marketing plan so your audiences know about your magazine
  • Planning a launch party if appropriate
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Choose a company magazine printing company

You’ve done the groundwork — the next step is to choose a magazine printing company that can translate your ideas into reality.

You may wish to choose a company that offers a design service as well, which is a great option to ensure that your project is as seamless and stress-free as possible…and looks professional too!

They will be able to talk you through different options for your magazine’s look, as well as the magazine printing process, giving you deadlines to work to so that the project runs smoothly.

To help you select your magazine printing company, look for a well-established organisation that offers a personal service — knowledgeable staff who are happy to explain what’s required and are just as happy to answer all your questions too!

Let’s discuss your company magazine!

Here at Baileys, our mission is to respond to personal and business printing needs — and that includes helping you to produce a company magazine that reflects the strengths and unique features of your business.

We can guide you through the entire process, from design through to print, so reach out to discuss your unique needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

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