How to choose your wedding theme

Choosing a theme for your wedding sounds fun, but it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start!

We offer some tips and pointers on how to choose a wedding theme, which will reflect your unique style in everything from your outfits down to your wedding stationery. 

Wedding themes explained

Your wedding theme determines the look and feel of your special day, pulling everything from what you wear down to your wedding stationery altogether.

Once you’ve decided which look is right for you, it will give you the direction you need to plan all the details of your wedding. It’s about offering a joined-up experience to your guests, indulging in your favourite things and making the whole process of planning your special event a whole lot easier!

Factors to consider

If you don’t have a wedding theme in mind yet, you can start by asking yourself a few questions to identify what’s going to work for you.

When will the wedding take place?

Start with deciding what time of year your wedding will take place.

Many couples love a summer wedding, so if that sounds like you, you could consider a beach or vacation theme. This could mean that you have your reception in a beachside venue and incorporate marine symbols and motifs like shells and fish in your décor.

in backyard of villa in tuscany there is banquet wooden table de
Weeding in backyard of villa in Tuscany there is banquet wooden table

At the other end of the spectrum, rich, jewel-like colours are perfect for a winter-themed wedding. You may also like to decorate your venue with fairy lights or candles to create a cosy atmosphere.

Where will the wedding be held?

If you have your heart set on a particular venue, then use it as inspiration for your theme.

For example, if you’re going for a countryside location, use your surroundings as inspiration. Borrow accents from nature for your theme, so you could adorn your tables with cut flowers or include local ingredients in your wedding catering.

Do you have a favourite colour?

If you have a love for a particular colour or colour combination, use it as the springboard for your theme.

If you love black and white, then a minimalist look will suit your vibe.

Love all things sparkly? Choose your wedding theme based in a luxe venue with gold or silver as the predominant colours.

wedding decor in blue colors, sea theme style
Wedding decor in blue colours

Pastel themes are also popular and are especially apt for a spring or summer wedding. You can use a pastel colour in combination with a stronger shade to create some variety in your theme too.

What about your lifestyle?

Your lifestyle is also an important factor when it comes to choosing your theme.

If you aim to live in harmony with nature, then choose a country-inspired theme to be reflected in your choice of venue, with locally sourced food and drink served to your guests.

But if you’re more of a city slicker, why not go for an ultra-glam theme in a modern or urban setting that takes your breath away? The choice is yours!

How do we incorporate our theme into our wedding?

Identifying your theme takes away a lot of the hard work of planning your wedding…so congratulations if you’ve made it to this point!

Now comes the fun task of applying your theme to all aspects of your wedding, including:

Use your theme as a reference point, helping you to bring all elements of your wedding together to make it the most perfect day.

close up table setting a set of dishes plates of boaklahs and appliances laid out in a certain order on a wooden table.
Wedding Place Cards

Bring your theme to life with wedding stationery

Your theme is personal to you, so choose something that really resonates with you and your partner and represents what you’re all about.

Have fun applying it throughout your wedding planning right down to the smallest items like your wedding stationery.

Know that Baileys has a long tradition of helping happy couples with their wedding stationery. With our eye for detail and years of experience, we’re the perfect choice to bring your theme to life, so get in touch to talk through all your wedding stationery options.

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