How to add the personal touch to your funeral stationery

If you’re organising a funeral, you will know that every detail counts. While the key elements such as the venue and service are all-important, it will be the personal touches that make a lasting impression.

Bespoke funeral stationery can be an effective way to reflect the personality of your loved one and the uniqueness of their life. Commemorative stationery can also serve as precious keepsakes after the funeral, to be treasured for years to come.

Let’s learn more about how you can add unique touches to your funeral stationery supplies to preserve the memory of the person you have lost.

Memorial cards

Memorial cards usually take the form of an A6-sized folded card, which can be printed on each of its four sides. You can add a photo of your loved one on the front and include verses, details about their life, or thank-you messages inside. It's a lovely way to remember them and can be kept and cherished as a memento.

Funeral booklets and order of service cards

These are essential stationery items if you are planning a service. Not only do they give guests the information they need to follow proceedings, but funeral booklets and order of service cards also serve as a fitting tribute to your loved one. Funeral stationery companies tend to offer a range of designs, with the option to customise your chosen card. For example, you could choose to illustrate the front with a portrait of the person whose life you are celebrating or embellish it with a symbol of their religion.

Santini cards

Santini cards feature a saint on the front cover, with some information and a photograph about your loved one inside the card. For those who were religious in life, this is a fitting way to honour their favourite saint and acknowledge their faith. Santini cards make a lasting memento to your friend or family member's life and beliefs.

Funeral thank-you cards

When you're grieving, it can be difficult to find the words to convey your thanks to supporters. Why not use funeral thank-you cards to show your heartfelt acknowledgement of people’s attendance at the funeral, and to share precious memories of your loved one? You can customise it with a photo or any other illustration, as well as some biographical information and the date of the funeral.


Bookmarks are a lovely way to keep someone in people’s thoughts. Personalise them with a photo of your precious one along with some brief biographical information. Giving bookmarks to funeral guests will be an appreciated gesture with practical use.


Another idea for a keepsake is a funeral postcard. Simply illustrated with a portrait of the person whose life you are celebrating, postcards can be distributed at the end of a funeral or wake as a thank you to attendees.

Banners and photos

If you are wondering how to decorate a venue for your loved one’s wake, take a look at how banners and photoscould add to the intimate atmosphere. You could display a favourite portrait of your family member that epitomises their character and brings back happy memories. Pull-up banners are also available and have the space for a selection of photos from different eras of your loved one’s life.

A heartfelt tribute to a much-loved person

If you’re wondering how to add the personal touch to such an event, funeral stationery printing is a good place to start. There are many options available for the essential items like the order of service, as well as keepsakes such as bookmarks and postcards that will serve to keep special memories alive.  

Personalising these items adds the finishing touch to a genuine and heartfelt tribute to a much-loved person.

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