How Funeral Cards Help Loved Ones Get Through Their Loss

Losing people we love is a normal part of life. When the loss of a loved one occurs, the funeral service allows mourners to pay their final respects. While the service might only last for a few hours, the grief lasts much longer. There are often regular reminders that bring back both enjoyable and painful memories. For those people who were closest to the deceased, funeral cards can provide comfort. 

What Are Funeral Cards?

Funeral cards are also called memorial cards or funeral prayer cards. They serve as a keepsake for people at the funeral to take home. Unlike funeral booklets, funeral cards are smaller and sometimes laminated or printed on glossy photo paper, somewhat like a playing card. Their smaller size makes them easy to carry in a purse or wallet or to place in a book. Memorial cards are easy to keep with you for the times when you need to remember your loved one. 

What Do You Put on Funeral Cards?

A picture of the deceased is often printed on the front of the card. There might be a short sentiment, such as 'In Loving Memory' or 'Forever in My Heart'. The person’s name, birth date, and date of death are usually placed beneath the photo.

When designing memorial cards, you should take care in choosing the photo. Sometimes people prefer images from when the deceased was younger. Others choose a photo that was taken near the person’s time of death. A more recent photo is more likely to resonate with people who knew the deceased later in their lives.

The back of the card leaves more room for creativity. Memorial cards often have a thought about the loved one that many people share. Funeral prayer cards might have a special verse or prayer. You can also add an inspirational quote, reading, or favourite poem. Many people find special verses comforting when they are struggling with their grief. It depends on what you think friends and family members will find the most fitting.

How Do I Use Funeral Cards?

Funeral cards are something that you give out in addition to funeral booklets. You might place them on a small table where guests can pick one up themselves. Another option is to place them inside the funeral booklets or place them near the register book. This ensures every attendee has access to them without your needing to hand them out individually.

Why Should I Have Funeral Cards Printed Online?

Funeral cards are designed with the same primary purpose in mind. They provide a keepsake that helps the people closest to them remember what made that person unique. It isn’t always easy to make decisions about which photo to choose or what to have printed on the card. Creating the design online lets you try out different options. You can try a variety of photos, verses, or prayers until you get the perfect remembrance of your loved one.

Does the Funeral Home Offer Memorial Cards?

Funeral homes specialise in giving you the best funeral services possible. They aren’t specialists in printing. They often have limited offerings in funeral booklets to choose from. Often, additional funeral stationery is only available through special ordering.

What Makes Baileys Different?

Baileys Print Co is a family-run printing company with more than 19 years of experience. We understand your need to put a personal touch on funeral prayer cards, memorial cards, and funeral booklets. Our online design software lets you design and order everything you need. If you need additional design options that aren’t listed, please get in touch today. We will make sure you get the keepsake you have in mind for your loved one.

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