Don't fall into these wedding thank you card traps!

Thanking your guests for their attendance at your big day, as well as showing appreciation of any gift they've provided, is a courteous gesture that's an important item on the post-wedding "to do" list. Whilst it would appear at first sight to be a fairly straightforward task - after all, you're saying thank you - what could possibly go wrong? - the reality is that there are a number of common errors that can lead to embarrassment for guests and couples. Here we look at five no-nos when it comes to creating the perfect wedding thank you cards.

1. Mentioning other wedding gifts

Whilst mentioning some of the other presents you received in your wedding thank you card may seem like a great way to share some good news, you could inadvertently send out the message that more modest offerings just weren't up to scratch.

2. Only saying thank you

If you're going to thank someone for their gift, simply saying thank you without going into specifics can give the impression that you don't remember what's been given, or are saying thank you from duty rather than from the heart. Most couples keep a list of "who sent what" when they open the presents. When writing a thank you card, this information enables you to personalise your thanks. It's usual to not only thank someone for their named gift (for example: thank you so much for the beautiful flower vase), but also to write a follow-up sentence mentioning a positive trait of the item, or how you will use it (for example: we love how crystal catches the light, so this will look fantastic in our lounge).

3. Mentioning money

As a general rule, it is rude to mention the cost of a gift, the cost of the wedding or any other financial implications which relate to attendance at the event. If someone has given cash as a present, it's best not to mention the amount. Simply thank them for their gift, along with telling them how you intend to spend the money.

4. Failing to update your contact details

On the presumption that you will want to keep in touch with the individuals you send thank you notes to, make sure your contact details are on the card. If you have changed your surname or moved home following your wedding, it's helpful to use the thank you card to convey this information. Particularly when it comes to surname changes, guests will want to know what changes, if any, you have decided on.

5. Thanking guests via email, text or social media

Although electronic thanks are quick and convenient, a paper card is still the best method of conveying thanks for attendance at a wedding or for a wedding present. A hand-written message in a suitable card shows thought. It also indicates that you value the recipient highly enough to spend time and effort writing to them personally.

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