Do I Really Need RSVP Cards for My Wedding?

There are many types and styles of wedding stationery, each with a unique purpose. Modern brides sometimes opt to send out wedding invitations without including any other stationery before or after the invite. While following tradition isn't always a priority for brides today, RSVP cards serve an important purpose. They give you or your wedding planner a valuable tool for planning your wedding ceremony and reception. 

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What Are RSVP Cards?

RSVP stands for the French phrase 'respondez s’il vous plait', which translates to 'respond if you please'. It makes it simple for an invited guest to let you know if they can attend the event. Some RSVP cards come with their own matching envelope, while others are made like postcards. Either style of RSVP card should include the following details:

  • A blank line for the guests to write their names, along with a spouse or children who will also be attending. 
  • An RSVP 'reply by' date
  • A 'will attend' line
  • An 'unable to attend' line
  • Choice of entrees for weddings offering meal choices

People often think these cards are only used for large, formal weddings. Couples on a budget might see investing in RSVP cards as a waste of money. But including RSVP cards in your wedding invitations can help save money in the long run. 

If your wedding is more casual and laidback, you can custom print your RSVP cards to suit your theme. For example, instead of writing the 'will attend' line as 'accepts with pleasure', replace it with a whimsical phrase like 'I’ll be there with bells on' or 'Four food, free booze'. Consider the formality of your wedding day when choosing the style of your RSVP cards or any wedding stationery.

You will need to either have the proper return address printed on the envelope for the cards or address them by hand. This address may or may not be the same as the address on your wedding invitations. Make sure you use the address of the person who will keep track of the guest list. 

Include postal stamps so the envelopes are ready to go. All your invited guests must do is check one or two boxes, add the names of the attendees, and put them in the post. 

The Reasons You Really Need RSVP Cards for Your Wedding

Sometimes wedding stationery seems unnecessary and repetitive. You might think that save the date cards aren’t necessary as long as you send the wedding invitations well in advance of the wedding date. But these cards give your friends and family members plenty of time to plan around other responsibilities and to make travel arrangements. Learning the date early can mean the difference in whether someone close to you attends your special day.

The same is true for RSVP cards. They help you develop an accurate guest list so you know how many people to expect. It prevents you from paying the caterer for more prepared meals than you need and also addresses any of your guests' dietary needs. If you are providing menu options, the RSVP responses will include each person's choice. You can also plan more effective seating arrangements at the ceremony and reception. 

Another reason for using RSVP cards is they make guests feel like you want them present on your special day. Requesting an RSVP can go a long way toward making every guest feel special. 

Many modern brides are switching to online options for extending RSVPs to wedding guests. But paper invitations and cards are a better choice for older guests who aren’t as comfortable online. Consider sending electronic RSVPs to your younger guests while sending printed RSVP cards to your older guests.

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