Are Winter Weddings Better? 5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Can't decide whether a winter wedding would be better than tying the knot during the warmer months? Below, we've rounded up some of the reasons to have a winter wedding, ranging from better budgeting to a cosy, romantic atmosphere that can afford a unique elegance to proceedings. 

beautiful winter wedding
Beautiful winter wedding

1. Greater Availability and Value for Money

Most venues have incredibly busy schedules during the summer months. Supply and demand very much come into play here, with venues charging higher premiums for ceremonies and services that take place at the height of summer. Equally, though, those venues will typically drop their charges when autumn and winter roll around.

We're not just talking about a cheaper venue here either; with less of a busy schedule, wedding coordinators will have more time and attention to focus on your big day. Of course, availability and price can extend to affect caterers, DJs, photographers and other companies that provide common wedding services. With less competition, you'll likely find it easier to secure your ideal venue, providers and the right photographer to capture those memories.

2. Enjoy a Broader Choice of Decor and Themes

Weddings booked for the summer typically follow similar themes. Pastel colours are a big hit, while beach weddings often feature when the location allows for it. On the other hand, a winter wedding gives you broader scope in choosing your perfect decor and theme. Much like the magic of Christmas, a winter wedding opens up the opportunity to choose luxurious, winter-themed decorations, winter wedding invites and more. Contemporary chic wedding invites strike a kind of roaring-'20s-meets-winter-wonderland vibe and afford a touch of class to your event.

Interested in cultivating a winter wonderland? These ceremonies are becoming a big hit, and they can be achieved on a smaller budget than you might expect. The proximity to winter and Christmas affords you a whole array of decorations to choose from, from mistletoe, pinecone and holly centrepieces, to mulled wine steaming at the bar.

3. Honeymoon on a Budget

Saving money on a winter wedding doesn't just apply to cheaper venues and service providers; you can usually expect to make a saving on your honeymoon too. Exotic destinations such as the Maldives, Thailand and Mauritius are often cheaper during our winter months. Take Mauritius for example; while most people visit from October through to December, you can still expect enviable temperatures in August when the rainy season has begun to taper off.

beautiful winter wedding
Beautiful winter wedding

4. Embrace the Cooler Temperatures

If you've attended a summer wedding, then you'll know that fear of rain on the big day is a real concern for many brides-to-be. Instead of worrying about whether the sun will shine, embrace the cooler temperatures, and cross your fingers for a cold snap. Whether you're bringing the festivities under a canopy or collecting umbrellas and coats from arriving guests, you can turn it into part of the charm and save your stress for more important preparations.

One of the real benefits of a cooler wedding, though, is the lack of humidity. Summer brides have to contend with often stifling temperatures while keeping their hair and makeup in check. Not to mention, flowers need far more attention to keep them from wilting in preparation for a ceremony. Save yourself and your guests the trouble of sweltering under their suits and dresses, and opt to tie the knot when temperature is on your side.

5. Avoid Clashing With Other Weddings

It's no secret that most people tend to get married in summer; after all, why else would you be reading about the benefits of a winter wedding? Unfortunately, this can lead to a barrage of special events for your friends and loved ones to attend, which can very rapidly lead to wedding fatigue if you have friends or siblings tying the knot one after the other. You want your big day to be an event that your guests look forward to, and as a winter bride, there's a good chance you'll be the centre of attention for the season.

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