All you need to know about Santini cards

Santini cards are an age-old tradition, particularly in the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox communities.

They honour the beliefs of someone who has passed away, fulfilling an important role in the rituals around saying goodbye to a loved one.

We take a look at the story behind Santini holy cards and how they provide comfort to the bereaved.

What do santini cards look like?

Santini cards take the format of a regular card. They can be printed on any of the four sides with images and text of your choice.

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Front cover image for Santini Card (23)

The front cover tends to depict an image of a saint, while the inside of the card can contain any combination of:

  • An image of the person who has passed away
  • Their birth and death dates
  • A prayer
  • A verse, poem or quote that was meaningful to them
  • An expression of thanks from the family

This list is not exhaustive, as Santini cards can be customised to reflect the life and interests of the deceased person.

The text may appear in English as well as in the community language of the person who has passed away – for example, Italian, Croatian or Greek.

What’s the story behind santini cards?

Santini cards have been used for hundreds of years by members of traditional religious groups, many of whom are represented in Australia’s diverse population.

They are popular in many Roman Catholic communities, including Irish, Italian, Croatian, Polish, as well as in the Greek Orthodox community.

Perhaps what is most comforting about them is that their format has not changed over the course of time, providing a link to past traditions and to the culture and religious faith of the person who has passed away.

Santini holy cards are instantly recognisable by the saint’s image on the front cover. If you are organising the funeral stationery for a loved one and are unsure of who their favoured saint was, you can make a choice by matching their causes and interests with those associated with a saint.

Popular saints and their causes include:

  • St Agnes – girl scouts
  • St Alban – refugees
  • St Ambrose – learning
  • St Anne – grandmothers and mothers
  • St Anthony – domestic animals
  • St Christopher – travelling
  • St Francis of Assisi – animals
  • St Francis Xavier – emigrants
  • St Gabriel – youth
  • St Genesius – epilepsy
  • St George – boy scouts
  • St James – arthritis
  • St John – heart conditions
  • St Joseph – families
  • St Nicholas – children
  • St Peregrine – cancer
  • St Thomas Aquinas – students
  • St Vincent de Paul – hospitals and charity

How do santini cards provide comfort?

Santini cards are sometimes known as a commemoration or memorial cards, meaning they serve as a reminder of the person who has passed away. They are distributed at funerals and can be kept after the event as a precious keepsake for friends and family.

They are also a reminder of the deceased’s faith. Knowing that your loved one took comfort in their religion can help the bereaved come to terms with their loss.

As part of funeral printing, cards can help complete arrangements for the deceased by fulfilling their wishes and honouring their faith.

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