All you need to know about planning a wedding during COVID-19

If you are living with COVID and want to plan a wedding, you’ll be looking for ways to make your special day safe, welcoming and creative.

Take heart that all those goals are possible. In fact, a wedding during challenging times is the perfect occasion to express your hospitality and creativity to the max!

We’re going to show you how in our COVID wedding planning checklist, including top tips to making your wedding memorable despite the ongoing health situation.

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Choose your venue carefully

Hosting your wedding in an outdoor venue is a great choice if you want to stay COVID-friendly. Of course, this will depend on the time of year and climate.

If the weather is kind to you, then a ceremony with tables set outside is the perfect set-up for a nature-themed wedding. You can always hire marquees or gazebos to offer a comfortable space for guests that is well ventilated too.

If you choose an indoor venue, you can make it safer by:

  • Requesting vaccination confirmation and temperature checks from your guests on the day
  • Seating your guests with their household
  • Ensuring there is enough space between guests
  • Asking your venue to offer sit-down service only for the meal with no shared plates
  • Recording the names and contact details of everyone attending, whether they’re guests or people helping with the wedding, in case of a need to trace them later

You can find comprehensive advice from the Australian government on managing a wedding under COVID restrictions here.

Offer opportunities to sanitise and clean hands

We’re all used to washing and sanitising our hands regularly, so make it a fun and easy task for your guests to carry out.

Make sure that there is clear signage to washrooms at your venue. This can be an opportunity for you to express your creative side and design attractive signs that fit in with the theme of your wedding.

You can also dot 'sanitising stations' around your venue with plenty of sanitiser, hand wipes and other items like face masks on offer.

As a personal touch, you can even offer personalised hand sanitisers or soap as wedding favours!

Open your wedding up to the world!

Getting married during COVID times means that many couples are scaling back their celebrations to keep themselves and their guests as safe as possible. So it’s time for COVID wedding plan B!

Why not open up your wedding to loved ones around Australia and the world by livestreaming your wedding?

That way, no one misses out and you know you’re doing your bit to keep your family and friends safe.

Include some traditional touches

Combining your own original ideas with traditional touches is a creative way to plan your wedding.

There’s no reason why you can’t still send out paper-based save the date cards and invitation cards to your guests. It’s a tradition that helps you feel normal in unusual times.

What’s great about wedding printing services is that you can personalise your message in all your stationery. So, you can include a heads-up to your guests before the day, reminding them of simple rules like:

  • Prepare to have your temperature checked.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Don’t forget to sanitise.

You can also include reminders on your place cards too and acknowledge the extra effort your guests have gone to when you send out thank you cards.

Add the personal touch to your COVID wedding!

If you’re looking for wedding printing for invitations, save the date cards and more, come and talk to us at Baileys Print Co. We can help make your COVID wedding a warm and welcoming event with our personalised wedding stationery, including our great value wedding packs.

Contact our friendly team to know more about how we can help you plan the perfect wedding – COVID or no COVID!

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