Adding a Personal Touch to Funeral Cards

Funeral cards can be simple or intricate, but they ultimately serve as a thoughtful and lasting reminder of the life of a loved one and how they impacted their friends and family. Today, funeral cards can be customised to create a more heartfelt tribute with a personal touch.

Personalised funeral cards can provide comfort and solace to the family and friends of the departed. Details like their favourite quotes, photos, and personal stories on funeral cards can offer support and commemorate the cherished moments shared with loved ones.

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Ideas for Personalising Funeral Cards Catholic

Here are some ideas for creating a lasting memory of a departed loved one:

Meaningful Quotes, Poems, or Verses

Meaningful quotes, poems, or verses can comfort and inspire those mourning their loss. The funeral cards serve as a heartfelt tribute that celebrates the life of the departed in a way that resonates with family and friends.

Favourite Colours, Symbols, or Images

Use the deceased’s favourite colours, symbols, or images to add a personal touch to the funeral cards. Whether it’s a unique colour, a symbol that represents something special to them, or an image that embodies their essence, these elements can create and preserve fond memories for many years.

Personal Anecdotes or Stories

Including personal anecdotes or stories in the funeral cards allows family and friends to remember and share special moments. It can be a touching tribute to the unique experiences and qualities that made the departed so dear to their loved ones.

Photographs or Illustrations

Adding photographs or illustrations of the departed can create a visual representation of their life and personality. It can be a cherished image capturing a joyful moment or a beloved portrait that reflects their character. Including such visuals helps to create a more personal connection and serves as a lasting reminder of their presence.

Customising the Design and Typography

Custom designs and typography allow for a unique presentation. Choosing fonts, layouts, and graphical elements that align with the departed’s style or preferences can make the cards feel more personal.

Handwritten Notes

Few things are as personal and heartfelt as a handwritten note, especially during mourning. The act of putting pen to paper and sharing heartfelt messages or cherished memories adds an extra layer of warmth and authenticity. It shows that you care and conveys a warm, sincere message that brings comfort and support.


Whether it’s a painting or sketch, custom artwork or illustrations make a funeral remembrance card truly special, honouring the departed in a heartfelt way. You can use the departed’s personality, hobbies, or interests as an inspiration to create a unique piece.

Collaborating with a Professional Designer or Printing Service

Professional designers have the knowledge and skills to bring your ideas to life, ensuring the funeral remembrance cards are beautifully customised. They can walk you through the process, from selecting appropriate design elements to choosing the best materials for a polished and personalised funeral card.

Consider the Preferences and Wishes of the Deceased and Their Family

Consider the deceased’s personality, interests, and cultural background for a truly personalised card. Communicate with the family to understand their wishes and ensure that the personalisation aligns with their vision. This way, you will create memorial cards that genuinely honour and reflect the life being celebrated.

To a Life Well-Lived

Personalising funeral cards are a thoughtful way to pay tribute to the lives we hold dear, celebrating their legacy and keeping their memory alive in our hearts. These tangible keepsakes provide solace and support during difficult times and help to unite mourners during the funeral.

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