6 Wedding Invitation Etiquette Tips that You Must Adhere to

Navigating the many aspects of wedding planning is always challenging, even when getting help from a competent planner. One of the crucial aspects of the process is getting the right design and wording for the wedding invitation. Following the right invitation etiquette will minimize the number of problems that you encounter with the people invited to the event. Guests should have all the key details about the event before deciding whether they are in a position to attend or not. Here are six tips on proper etiquette for wedding inspiration to follow. 

Address the Guests Properly

Your manner of addressing wedding invitations can determine whether guests will feel thrilled about attending your event. For example, if the guest is a lady below 21 years and unmarried, you can address her as a miss. Similarly, you can address a married couple, and Mr. and Mrs. Remember that the first thing the guest will see when they open the invitation is how you have addressed them.

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Wedding couple and guests

Include All Necessary Details

A wedding invitation does more than inform a friend or loved one that you want them to be part of the best day of your life. Add these details to the invitation if you want to avoid unnecessary confusion in the process:

  • The name of the bride and groom
  • The wedding date and time
  • The location of the wedding reception
  • The attire required
  • Additional information about parking and accommodation, especially for destination weddings

Get a competent card designer to organize this information simply to ensure the reader gets all the important information. 

Include Clear RSVP Instructions

You should request your invitees to respond to the wedding invitation before the main event. It helps the planner determine who will attend and plan with accurate numbers. However, the invitees can only respond when you attach all the right materials they will require. Therefore, include a response card in the wedding invitation, and ensure they get it at least one month before the event. The timeframe gives them at least three weeks to confirm or decline the invitation. You can also include the name of the person in charge of managing the RSVP instructions by providing their email address and phone number. 

Inform them About the Needed Attire

The wedding will be one of the best events of your life. As such, you should ensure everyone dresses up according to the guidelines suggested by your wedding planner. These are details to include in the invitation. Examples of summary information on the dress code include:

  • Casual
  • Semi-formal
  • Black tie
  • White tie
  • Semi-formal

Respectful guests will follow your attire guidelines to make your day excellent. 

Be Clear About Inviting Children

Another one of the top wedding invitation tips is figuring out ways to inform guests that children aren’t invited. For example, addressing the card to Mr. and Mrs and leaving out the children is a subtle yet clear way of suggesting to the guests not to bring the children. If the RSVP contains the children's names, have the person handling it call the guest and inform them it is an adult-only event. 

Send the Invites on Time

You should also send the invitation cards early enough. Again, hiring a competent design and printing service goes a long way in ensuring guests get their invitations and respond on time. The recommended timeline is sending the invites between six and eight weeks before the wedding.

Choosing a competent printing service that understands wedding invitation etiquette is the key to designing and sending out the best wedding invitations. They will design simple, elegant, and clearly-worded invitations for your guests and deliver them on time.

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