5 people who should be sent wedding thank you cards

They say your wedding day is the best day of your life, and so it should be. Whatever size your wedding, big or small, chances are there are a number of people who made the whole day possible. Express your gratitude with wedding thank you cards, and consider different cards for these five different people, and the individual roles they played.


It goes without saying to send thank you cards to your guests. You may incorporate a different message for each, to add a personal touch. Some things to consider thanking them for include travelling to the wedding (especially if they live far away!), gift-giving, the support they've given you throughout your lives and simply, of course, their attendance. Not only a heartwarming gesture but a wonderful reminder of your day that they can keep forever.

Bridal party and best man

Those people who were given special roles in your wedding deserve an extra special thank you. This is your chance to show how much you appreciate all they have done for you. Not only their input leading up to the big day, but also their friendship over the years. Bridesmaids, flower girls and best men will compromise your best friends or siblings, and your appreciation of these special relationships will mean so much to them.


It is common for parents to have a huge part in making your big day special. They are also the people for whom the day means the most to, other than the happy couple themselves. Whether they contributed to the day financially, emotionally or physically, this is your chance to put your thanks in words. Parents will collect a number of keepsakes from the day, and their thank you card will be an item they treasure forever.

Wedding planner

If you used a wedding planner, you may like to offer them a thank you card all of their own. Not only will they have ensured you stayed on track with your planning and budgeting, but they will have worked tirelessly throughout the big day. Their planning skills will have meant the smooth running of your wedding, leaving you stress-free and able to truly enjoy every magical moment.

Suppliers and services

Behind the scenes, many people made your day the day it was. Some people you may want to send a thank you card to are the suppliers and services you used. Caterers, cake maker, tailors and seamstresses, photographer, and hair and makeup artists will be touched to receive a card from the married couple. Your wording in these cards can be used for reviews and testimonials, helping them secure further business, so they will be as grateful to you as you are to them.

With so many people to thank, you will need quality cards at great value. Custom wedding thank you cards will add an extra special touch, as well as making them a perfect keepsake for the recipients. Keep hold of this article to you make sure you don't forget anybody!

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