Wedding Invitations for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

As summer finally nears, some happy couples are making last-minute plans for their weddings. Couples are often surprised that planning an outdoor wedding requires just as planning as an indoor one – sometimes even more! You need to make some important decisions before ordering your wedding invitations and getting them in the post. 

Once you have made all of your plans, set the date and your venue booked, it’s time to order the wedding invitations. The sooner you share your plans with family and friends, the better. 

Start With the Basics

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Your wedding invitations are the announcement of your upcoming wedding ceremony. They provide the date, time, and venue to your guests. The perfect invitation also reflects your wedding theme and any special details they need to know.

Learning about your wedding theme will help your guests plan. Sending your invitations out early gives them time to purchase the appropriate attire. It also makes it easier for them to plan their transportation and accommodations. 

You should send your invitations out 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. Sending out Hold the Date cards helps ensure your guests are available when the date rolls around. 

Since you are planning an outdoor wedding, you need to state this in your invitations. In addition, if you have a backup plan to move guests inside in case of poor weather, include these details as well. It could be the detail that makes a difference in who attends and who doesn’t. 

Share Details About the Dress Code and Wedding Theme

Typically, the wedding theme determines the dress code. For example, a formal wedding requires an evening dress, while casual weddings offer guests more freedom to choose their clothing. 

People often assume that all outdoor weddings are casual. That doesn’t have to be the case. You can make your outdoor wedding as simple or formal as you want. Yours might be in the grass, on the beach, inside a shelter, or in a lavish garden. 

The one distinction separating the dress code for an outdoor wedding is footwear. Include a note on your wedding invitations that guests might need special footwear. For example, if you have a formal event, ladies might need heel guards to protect their shoes and make it easier to walk on grass or sand. 

For a casual ceremony on the beach, sandals might be the better choice. Consider your guests’ safety and comfort when setting the dress code. 

About the Theme

The theme is what determines the dress code listed in the wedding invitations. It is also reflected in the design of the invitations themselves. There are many options to consider when choosing your wedding theme. Formal, semi-formal, and casual weddings are common. You can also choose a theme that falls within these categories, such as fairy tale, gothic, or rustic. In any case, the invitation should match the theme of your choice.

There is also the venue to consider. Barn and farm venues are popular for weddings. While these settings are ideal for casual and rustic weddings, they can also be used for formal weddings. Specify your wedding theme and the venue when designing your invitations. 

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For a rustic wedding in a barn, consider a simple pattern or something with a floral motif. Your rustic wedding invitations don’t have to match your wedding colours. But guests often use your invitations to determine which colours are off-limits. If you don’t want your guests to match the wedding party, keep this in mind.

If you have no preference about how your guests dress, you should print “No Dress Code” on the invitations. This lets your guests know what to expect at your ceremony.

Benefits of Ordering Wedding Invitations Online

Designing your custom wedding invitations online at Baileys' offers several benefits. We offer a broad range of design styles that you can customise online. You can save time by opting for the handwritten font to give your invitations a more personal touch. Add details like a dress code without addressing each invitation individually.

If you can’t decide on the best wedding invitations for your outdoor summer wedding, contact us. We are happy to help find solutions for your unique needs and make your day as memorable as possible.

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